It’s hard to spend money to maintain your home, especially when it’s not urgent.

Let’s face it, deferring maintenance is easier than parting with hard-earned cash you might need today. But waiting can end up costing you more because little problems can turn into big issues later that can hurt your home’s value.

The good news is proactive maintenance can increase your home’s value because it will look well-cared for and it won’t have a history of big repairs. Buyers look for that when they’re scouting for a new home.

But even the maintenance most people can’t see will pay off. For example, you’ll recoup 108% of your investment with attic insulation, according to Remodeling magazine’s 2017 cost-versus-value report. (You can see how you might recoup other remodeling costs here.

Proactive maintenance doesn’t mean you have to spend tens of thousands of dollars remodel your kitchen or bath every few years. Instead, take a regular inventory of your home-maintenance tasks and hire qualified technicians to take preventive care.

Leverage technology

Before you begin, use computer software and cell-phone applications to keep track of your home-maintenance projects.

For example, BrightNest ( ) can help you keep track of important tasks with a personal schedule and helpful reminders. For example, the application can remind you when to change the air filters or clean the gutters. In addition, the service provides cleaning tips and ideas for do-it-yourself home-maintenance projects.

In addition to reminding you to take proactive steps, these applications keep track of the history of maintenance on your home. You can then give prospective buyers a history of the tender-loving-care you gave your home. Bottom line: it’s a great selling point because the buyers will know the home was well-maintained.

Keep your house dry

Moisture inside a home can turn into a big problem if mold takes over. It’s very expensive to remediate a mold problem and rid your house of the smell.

To keep your home dry, be sure to set the thermostat at a temperature of about 78 degrees. Consider purchasing a humidity monitor, an inexpensive device that can save you the major expense of mold remediation.

A portable dehumidifier can help keep moisture away in certain spaces in your home. Dehumidifying systems for your home also are available if you are in a damp area.

Keep the exterior clean

Power washing your home once a year will keep mold away, especially if you have a wood-frame home. A fresh coat of paint every few years will add protection, too.

Consider trimming plants, trees and vegetation around your home. They harbor moisture and prevent sunlight from keeping your house dry.

Maintain the roof

Your roof should be a key part of your home maintenance program. That’s because leaks can do significant damage to the interior of your home that can take significant sums to repair.

For starters, hire a professional crew to clean your gutters. Leaves, sticks and other debris can clog up the gutters and water can seep in the space under the roof.

It pays to have your roof inspected every few years, especially once your roof is 10 years or older. The sun, wind, rain and elements take their toll on your roof.

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