In our highly connected digital world, the internet is the first place most people go for their real estate
needs. Whether it’s looking for listings on a search engine, or even asking friends for recommendations
on a social network – the traditional ways of buying a home are over. As an agent, you have to consider
the process a client goes through to figure out the best way to connect with them online. But with so
many aspects to digital marketing, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are some Do’s &
Don’ts to digital marketing for real estate agents to consider.

1. Do: Set up a personal website and social media profiles

Start with the basics – most people are seeking information about buying a home or looking for
a realtor online, so they need to have a place to find you. Start with a personal website with a
information about you, the areas you specialize in, and ways for clients to contact you. It is also
helpful to set up social media profiles to allow another outlet for potential clients to find and
connect with you. Start with Facebook, which is the most popular social network, and branch of
to other platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter as you see fit.

2. Don’t: Forget about mobile

When we think “digital,” we think computers – but the truth is most people are browsing the
internet or social media on their mobile devices. Especially millennials, who are a huge market
for buying homes right now. Make sure your website and any listings you have are mobile
responsive. Make sure any photos or videos you post are optimized to be viewed on a
smartphone. Beyond that, make sure you are reachable via text message or a mobile chat
communication tool rather just an office phone or email to make yourself available to your
clients on the go.

3. Do: Prove Your Expertise with Content Marketing

Where it’s a blog on your website, social media posts, or video marketing, you should be
investing time into creating valuable content for your clients. If someone is searching for advice
or information related to real estate or the home buying process, and you provide some
educational content that is helpful to them, that is the perfect way to establish yourself as an
expert on the subject and gain a new client. Keep in mind that whatever content you create,
visual content is going to get more engagement so consider including photos or video in
whatever you do.

4. Don’t: Be Afraid to Utilize Online Advertising

Many people want to stick with simply using organic posting and social media and are skeptical
of investing the money into advertising online. The truth is you will most likely get great results
and have a higher ROI than traditional advertising. You can fully control the budget of any ads
you do through platforms like Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising. You can target people
based on specific search terms, locations, and demographics. With a bit of an investment, you
can see your leads increase significantly.

5. Do: Build Your Email List & Database

Make sure you are collecting information from any prospects or potential clients you meet and
utilizing that in your digital marketing efforts. When you host an open house, collect emails from
anyone that visits. You can then invite them to “like” your page on Facebook or create a mailing
list for email marketing campaigns. Make sure to list your social profiles on your business cards
and ask people to follow you. The more opportunities you have for potential clients to connect
online and follow up, the more deals you could end up closing.

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